About Ormond Strong.

tomokaOrmond Beach is a city in Volusia County located in Northeast Florida, USA. It lies on  the Atlantic Ocean and the Halifax River (a lagoon separated from the Atlantic by barrier beaches) adjacent to Daytona Beach which lies south. I visited Ormond in 1991 with the intent to stay a few months, its beauty and tranquility kept me here for over 20 years.

I am the spouse of one of the 200+ local soldiers who deployed for a one year mission to Afghanistan, this is my husbands second deployment in our 4 years of marriage. The first deployment was 12 days after we were married, I was not prepared for the challenges I was forced to face. I have no military background or experience. When I learned about the upcoming deployment I decided to take action by turning my negative experience into a positive one, that is when I created ORMOND STRONG.

Ormond Strong is a 501 (c) (3) our EIN # is 47-3501697. Our mission is to support the 200+ soldiers from Volusia, Flagler, and surrounding counties who deployed for the one year mission to Afghanistan. Support for these soldiers will be carried out in the following manner:

  1. Ormond Strong will heighten “Community Awareness”-unless you have a friend or loved one in the military, you would not be aware that 200+ of our local soldiers have recently deployed. Ormond Strong will raise community awareness through visual media, social media, and promotional items such as tee shirts, stickers, banners, bracelets and signs. A vigil “bridge walk” will be held at the Granada Bridge every morning at dawn, commencing the day of deployment ending 380 days following/or upon the day of the final soldiers return.  The daily “bridge walk” will be broadcast in realtime via Runkeeper. Promotional items can be purchased on site, online and at local businesses. In addition to the promotional items, we have fund raisers set up throughout the year to raise both money and awareness.
  2. We are a “support system” for the families-being the spouse of a deployed soldier can pose many challenges, often leaving family members to feel isolated and alone. It is equally frustrating for the soldier deployed 7,410 miles away, who is unable to resolve any of the everyday issues back home. In conjunction with the units “Family Readiness” program, Ormond Strong organizes monthly meetings and events for family members to share information, bond with other military families and work toward resolving some of their common issues.
  3. Ormond Strong will link the community with the troops who are protecting them-in addition to sending care packages and supplies to the soldiers we have our website ormondstrong.com .The soldiers will log on and see the support stemming from their community, this will boost morale and make them feel less isolated. “Walk with Ormond Strong” is a video montage of each vigil bridge walk, shown on the website daily. The bridge walks are broadcast live through the Runkeeper phone App, allowing our steps to be tracked as we go. Supporters can send Tweets, emails, pictures and video of themselves wearing their “Ormond Strong” tee shirts and/or promotional material, showing their support for the troops. Once approved, they will air daily on our site.
  4.  Our daily support for our soldiers is in honor of those who served, especially our Vietnam Veterans. We will assist our local Veterans chapters in the exchange of resources and information. 

cropped-us-flag-and-soldiers“God bless and protect our soldiers”

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